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Rebecca Cooks

As you’ll have gathered, this is where you’ll find all things I cook.

A love for cooking, feeding those closest to me and throwing dinner parties has slowly grown into a healthy(ish) obsession. So, with a little commitment and lot of experimenting, I’m hoping that this page will become a platform to cultivate this ever growing appetite. I am by no means a chef but a lack of training and professional experience has encouraged me to keep reading cookbooks, learn new cooking techniques, sign up for an allotment plot and ultimately better understand ingredients.

The recipes featured herein are my own creations, a twist on old classics or inspired by travels and an ever growing cookery book collection. They aren’t bound by a certain style of eating nor do they follow specific dietary constraints – instead I hope they showcase sustainable and local Scottish ingredients, easy cooking methods and fresh home-grown produce from my allotment.

 “People who love to eat are always the best people,”
Julia Childs.

I couldn’t agree with this more and count myself lucky to be surrounded by the best group of people who are just as fanatical and keen to try the newest restaurant in town, attend pop-up events, trek to food festivals in the back of beyond and spend hours making excessive amounts of canapés inspired by lengthy Pinterest trawls.

I hope that some of these recipes make their way to your kitchen table and are enjoyed with those closest to you.

Happy Cooking…